Shoppers take advantage of after Christmas deals

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Thursday, December 26, 2013 - 4:15pm

If you prefer buying in a store, holiday shopping is still in full swing. Right now, some stores are offering discounts of up to 80%.

Customers flock the mall to see where they can save. Every year, sisters Katelyn and Alexis Taylor look forward to this day, so they can spend time together while getting the most out of their Christmas money.

"It's a family tradition. We always go the day after to see what kind of good deals we can get. We get our Christmas money for Christmas, so we go and spend it the need day," Katelyn said. "I personally like to give everybody something for Christmas to up, with maybe a little bit of money to go shopping for the day after."

"I got 50% of and 40% off. So, it was a really good sale," Alexis said.

Jessica Carter shops all the time, but she said if your trying to get the best deals, make sure you shop around.

"Don't buy the first thing that you see," Jessica said. "Always go to another store because some other store might have the same exact thing, but at a better price. I would say don't buy the first thing that you see."

Sam Maloney sees a lot of customers the day after Christmas, but he said these big sales don't just help the customers.

"Most people come out because they get paid. Some people get paid after Christmas and some people get money for Christmas so they come spend it," Sam said. "Seventy-percent and 80% off because you're trying to clear some of the merchandise that you ordered for the new year."

After Christmas, retailers also see a spike in returns. If you want to return a gift, make sure you check the store's return policy before waiting in those long lines.

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