Shot Truck Rolls Through New Orleans Offering Free Vaccines

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 10:00am

Most of us have seen food trucks stopped along busy streets, but have you heard about the shot truck?

There's one making stops throughout New Orleans, vaccinating children for free. Vanessa Bolano takes us inside.

"Alright, here we go, quick pinch."

Nicholas, 4, is one of several kids lining up outside the Greater New Orleans Mobile Immunization Unit for free vaccines.

It's basically a clinic on wheels.

Executive Director Charmaine Allesandro explains, "If we didn't have this mobile unit we wouldn't be able to do our job, and that is to go into all the neighborhoods in metropolitan New Orleans area and give free vaccinations to kids though the age of 18 years."

That's right, free vaccines regardless of one's ability to pay.

It's a big help for mothers like Davada Vanleer who says, "Things are so expensive. You can't even get to the grocery store anymore without spending a fortune. This is very helpful."

The only item required is a shot record, and if you lost if after Hurricane Katrina try to bring any evidence of vaccines your child already received to avoid getting the same one twice.

"I have personally seen, at Children's Hospital, many illnesses and diseases that could have been prevented by vaccination. It's really sad to think that there are parents out there who are very scared about vaccinations. The reason we don't see polio and some of these other illnesses anymore is because of vaccinations," says Alessandro.

Wal-Mart recently donated $50,000 to help keep the immunization truck rolling through New Orleans. To catch up with the bus click here:



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