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Slaughter residents still looking for answers about Monolyte Labs Inc. fire

Friday, November 30, 2012 - 10:00pm

Last Monday an explosion and fire in Slaughter burned Monolyte Labs. Inc, to the ground. Thursday the cleanup crews were still hard at work dealing with what’s left of Monolyte Labs and investigators are still trying to piece together what actually happened that night.

But now, residents are concerned about the smells and compounds that have entered the air and water since that day.

At a town hall meeting on Tuesday night almost the whole town showed up with questions that needed to be answered. What once was the Monolyte labs inc. Building is now just a pile of debris, after a series of explosions and a huge fire last Monday. Crews continue to clean up what's left, including the unpleasant smell that lingers through the area.

"All I know is it didn't smell good, chemicals; smelled like chemicals," says Edith Wallace who is a concerned Slaughter resident. And Edith says the one thing she’s more worried about is the smoke that continues to fill the air. "We walked out here and looked up and the smoke was way up there and just floating."

"What kind of chemicals do they use there, because there had been times where there were clouds that we had to drive through at night and horrific smells," said Delores Dove. And after a town hall meeting with Monolyte officials, the Slaughter Fire Chief and cleanup crew, Delores along with the residents of Slaughter are still looking for answers.

"I feel like everyone didn't get the answers they were looking for- so we still really don't know and everybody is still concerned," noted Dove.

DEQ and Monolyte officials continue test the water and the air quality in the area near Monolyte. "Of course they tell us everything is environmentally friendly in the end product,” stated Dove. “But they do have flammable materials in the complaints that make up that; of course we figured that because something blew up."

Now Delores will continue to wonder what’s really in the air and continue to drink bottled water until her questions are answered. Dove says, "The answers were kind of non informative to a point because well we cant tell you that proprietary information there is a legal investigation going on, were not at liberty to say."

Monotlyte executives say, "We have done both water and air analysis. Based on all the data that I’ve seen, there is no indication of any credible health or safety issue. Again, our team is in {virtually} constant contact with authorities and to date, they have not indicated any credible health or safety concern."

Monolyte says the cleanup should be completely finished by the end of next week. 


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