Some Baton Rouge organizations for voucher program, say it gives students the best education possible

Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 2:00am

Groups like the Black Alliance for Educational Options say the voucher program is one of the best things to happen to Louisiana children in failing schools.

They say it gives these students a chance to learn in a better environment. A representative with the organization tells us they knew as soon as the voucher program was passed, they'd be defending it in court.

“You're really fighting for the underserved - it's a battle,” stated Shree Medlock with the LaBAEO “We're not surprised. This is what happens when the union loses. When something strong and powerful like this happens, it's going to serve and change lives, so many lives. This is what happens all across the country.”

Dozens of parents were also in the courtroom today, many of them wanting to keep the voucher program in place all across the state. 


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