St. Gabriel residents express safety concerns after Delta Chemical plant fire

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 4:45pm

Fire fighters quickly put out the fire early tuesday morning at a warehouse at delta chemicals on highway 30. Iberville Parish sheriff Brent Stassi says - no one was hurt.
And people who work nearby say, it's a risk they can live with.

"It happens and if they try to shut that company down, i don't know how many employees they have. say they have 100, that's 100 employees that will be without a job. so i just think they need to pay more attention to the safety," said William Hanchett.

Mike Smith says plant officials let him know about the fire quickly, and told him why the highway was shut down.

"There's a lot of important jobs for the area and i think they've done a very good job of trying to alert the community and the people who work in their plants," says Smith.

Hanchett worked in chemical plants for years. he says, the plants do a good job with their community awareness programs on letting people know what's going on when there's an emergency - like the one on Tuesday morning.

"All the plants i've worked at have had chances of fire but they are on top of their safety. so they have to get them a safety program to monitor what they are doing," he said.

People I talked with say whatever caused tuesday's fire they feel confident delta chemical will take the necessary steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"I think they'll work with the community to make sure that they know what's going on and what they are doing to address these issues," said Smith.


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