State voucher program application deadline ends, parents await decisions

Friday, March 15, 2013 - 5:50pm

Brandi Parker wants to give her children a better educational start in life than she had.

"I had to start working early and everything. I want them to work, don't get me wrong, but I also want them to finish school, go to school as far as they can. Not have to go to all kinds of different colleges. Go out of state, explore the world. There's more out there than to stop at Baton Rouge," Parker explained.

That's why Parker and hundreds like her are hoping to get their children in to a private school through the state's voucher program.

"I hope that they get accepted and have a chance to have a great life and explore things, new things and not just settle here when they don't have to," Parker shared.

"I witnessed a lot of things in public schools and some of the things I just don't want my children to see or go through," said Krystal Lamb, another scholarship hopeful parent.

But with legal suits still threatening the future of the program the turn out hasn't been as big as some private schools hoped.

“That’s really been a big reason for the slow down in applications. We’ve spent a lot of man hours doing outreach to our prospective parents, and existing parents, letting them know that they need to apply and press forward," explained Josh LeSage of Hosanna Christian Academy.

Still hundreds flocked for a chance to get their kids in at Hosanna Christian, one of the state’s biggest participators, in the end all parents can do now is hope and wait.

"There’s just some things they can't get out of a public school. That’s just basically what I am hoping for."

The deadline to apply was March 15th, according to the Department of Education Parents should start receiving acceptance letters by mid-april.


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