Steve-O faces TX fine after jumping off bridge into 4 ft deep water

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 10:48am

Steve-O of "Jackass" fame made a splash in San Antonio, Texas, by jumping from a bridge into the San Antonio River.

But he could end up getting a slap on the wrist for the stunt.

“I was doing some sightseeing and I saw the bridge and thought, man! If I do a flip off this bridge, that would be super cool! People were into it. Except for this one guy, who was a tour guide boat driver, he's like get out of there! I was just swimming around,” Steve-O told KENS 5 News.

Steve-O's jump on Friday is still stirring buzz in San Antonio.

“He's here. And he jumped in the River. It's kind of awesome,” said one young man.

An older man told KENS, “You know, it's Steve-O. What do you expect?”

But whether you're a stunt-man like Steve-O or a tourist.

“I would jump in it so,” another man said.

The laws still apply.

According to the unified development code, it's unlawful to swim in the San Antonio River within the corporate limits of the city, with a maximum fine of $500.

Police tell KENS 5 it is looking into the incident.

“I understand why, to keep people from drowning. Somebody jumps in, knocks their head, they drown, you know. I think he has the money for it. So I don't think he cares that much,” the older man said.

Steve-O also said he didn't know the river was only four feet deep.

But he said in hindsight, he did a public service by doing it, because it shows people they should not repeat his stunt.


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