Stray problem worsening in parts of Livingston Parish: locals fed up

Photo provided by staff.
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 9:00pm

You've seen them before, dogs and cats, roaming the streets. Sometimes, they're sick, they're usually hungry and in some places the problem is only getting worse.

Here's the thing, our shelters are overflowing and there are just not enough people who are a looking to adopt. Denham Springs has been dealing with strays for years and now, some folks say, they're fed up.

There's no doubt, they are precious but the little puppies in one Denham Springs trailer park aren't just adorable, they're homeless.

"It’s increased! The puppies are now having puppies," said Howard Gibbs.

We've been following this story for more than a year and since our first visit to this neighborhood in Denham Springs, the number of strays has more than doubled.

"In my back yard, I all of a sudden had six of them and within 6 months, two of them had babies."

Although most of the residents seem to be concerned, one man, Howard Gibbs, is the only one willing to speak up.

“It’s frustrating, extremely frustrating,and I am pissed off. I am big time pissed off."

And in-breeding is a big problem.

“It’s not only a dog problem, it’s a cat problem,” noted Gibbs. ”All of a sudden we’ve got all these stray cats that nobody can touch and they are having babies."

With an animal shelter right around the corner, residents are furious nothing is being done to help these 'helpless animals'.

"When you call the Livingston Parish animal shelter no one answers."

But why is there such a bad problem in this neighborhood? Why are these people being burdened with unwanted animals, animals they simply cannot afford to take care of?

"It’s because of this neighborhood. No one likes this neighborhood this has always been a drug ridden, known as a drug ridden property and people just drop off their dogs because they know no one does anything about it but its not this is a great neighborhood."

But people like Howard Gibbs can only hope something is done soon.

"But yet I feed them just like I feed the dogs I feel sorry for them ya know. I am an animal lover."

Its kind souls like Gibbs who make sure these strays eat and make sure them getting a little love. Because as he says.

It’s not their fault but someone has to step up. We did reach out to numerous animal advocate agencies that have yet to get back with us.

Gibb’s tells us the Livingston Parish SPCA said they would provide some food, but there isn’t much more they can do.

We will keep an eye on this story and update you if any progress is made.


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