Students speak out about how LSU handled this years major incidents

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 12:00am

LSU has seen more than its share of emergencies in recent months, from a bomb threat to Hurricane Isaac. Tuesday, faculty, staff and students gathered to talk about how the university handled those incidents.

A bomb threat on September 17th forced students and faculty to evacuate LSU’s campus. And in the last week of August, emergency response was tested yet again, when Hurricane Isaac ripped through LSU.

"Safety is our number on priority for faculty and student here at LSU," said Holly Cullen who is with University Relations at the school.

But students say it wasn't enough. "It was very scattered and know they haven’t really dealt with anything like this before but it was very frustrating as a student to deal with," said Claire Strickland who is a Senior at LSU.

Claire felt uneasy when she heard about the bomb threat because she had just experienced one at another school. "I saw things at A and M that worked every well there and i saw things that didn't work very well here on campus and I wanted to come voice my opinion," stated Strickland.

At the Action Review the students expressed there concerns and the one major issue was that they did not integrate social media and different forms of communication into the process.

We should be responsible for checking the website and things like that they could get to more people with re-tweets and shared Facebook statuses so no one is out of the blue with what's going on," says Cyone Batiste, an LSU Sophomore.

"The communication with the students and through the university was very limited i know i evacuated about 4 hours away and if they had had class the next day I would not have made it because of the roads and how torn up everything was," said Strickland.

The school now has an idea where it needs to make changes and is ready to move forward. "All of these suggestions that we get we bring to administration for there consideration as to show we perhaps implement some of these suggestions into practice," stated Cullen.

The input from students and faculty will now be taken into consideration by the Office of Emergency Management to help better their plans for the future.


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