Super Bowl ads, then and now

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Sunday, January 26, 2014 - 9:00pm

While Americans are anticipating the biggest day in the NFL season, the Super Bowl, some are also excited to see what advertisers will dish out during commercial breaks.

It all started with apple computer's iconic 1984 spot thirty years ago, now we have Arnold Schwarzenegger in a blonde wig for bud light.

While members of the Full House cast reunite for yogurt.

With companies paying millions of dollars for a 30 second TV spot, many are trying to get the most bang for their buck, by debuting teasers for their ads online, well before the big game. Experts say it's all about building buzz.

Peter Shankman, a Branding and Social Media Consultant, told CNN:

"They're spending $3 million dollars advertising for a super bowl ad they want as much coverage as they can get, so they're starting weeks before with teasers. Then they go into the ad, some even have follow ups a few weeks after during prime time they'll show a follow-up ad or see what happens."

So what to watch for this year?

Instead of scantily clad models, axe body spray has opted to make "love not war" this year's theme.

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick leads a pack of body builders for

Doritos is again going with amateur filmmakers for their ad. One of the funny finalists will be chosen to air on game day.

Football star David Beckham is back in his briefs for H&M. In a Super Bowl first, viewers will be able to order the underwear instantly, if they're watching on a Samsung Smart TV.

Some of the ads are being kept under wraps, including an apparent tease from U2. The rock and roll super group will reportedly unveil a new song and album during the big game on February 2.

And millions will be watching.


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