Surprise homecoming brings Christmas cheer to Wedgewood elementary

Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 8:04pm

All first grader Khamory Gipson wants this year for Christmas is his dad home for the holidays. His father, 1st Lt. Shamory Gipson has spent the last six months in Hawaii in military training.

"I miss my daddy in Hawaii,” said Khamory Gipson said, “Santa I want my dad to come home."

And this year little Khamory's Christmas wish came true.

"He was shocked and he was like, 'is that him? Or another skype?' He didn't know what to believe, how to react. But we'll have a lot of fun the rest of the time I am here," Lt. Shamory Gipson, said.

"I was surprised,” said Khamory Gipson. When asked if it was the best present he could have received, Khamory answered simply, “yes.”

With hugs and tears of joy this family said they finally feel whole again.

"A lot of mixed emotions. It’s a lot. My biggest thing was for the boys and especially Khamory because him and his dad are so close," said Kimberly Gipson, Khamory’s mother.

But this year is an extra special Christmas, by next year Lt. Shamory Gipson will be deployed to Afghanistan, so the entire family knows this holiday has to count.

"Very important. It’s very important, and we're going to enjoy every minute of it," Kimberly Gipson said through tears.

And when asked what he wanted for Christmas this year Lt. Gipson replied simply, “My family. That’s it. Nothing else.”


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