There's something in the water: residents fight is finally over

Friday, April 19, 2013 - 6:00pm

Some people in Krotz Springs are finally breathing a sigh of relief. That's after concerns over arsenic in the water have come to an end. It's a story NBC33 has been tracking for two years.

In 2009 the battle began. The water people were drinking, bathing in and cooking with had unhealthy traces of arsenic and as a result many residents got ill.

"A lady living over here person got sick she got sick her daughter got sick and she still not well," said St. Landry Parish resident, Paul Burleigh.

Max Millionz even had traces of arsenic in his bloodstream. "It scared me because arsenic can be a really bad thing that can kill some body," noted Millionz.

They almost lost hope, until the community banned together along with the help of nbc33.

"It takes on going persistence to achieve those goals," said Cheryl Buxton, a friend of St. Landry Parish residents.

A grant was approved by the FDA to build a pipeline that would run through their town, supplying fresh water to everyone.

Now after two and a half years the residents here can stop buying bottled water by the gallon, and can drink fresh arsenic free water.

“When they hooked it up I couldn't believe it I said yeah was going to bathe again,” said Millionz. “It’s a lot clearer now and you don't have that hard water smell," noted Burleigh.

And now after years of frustration and inconvenience, Max and Paul can sit back and enjoy the little things, which often times anyone else would take for granted.

“I can actually set my coffee pot the night before,” Millionz told NBC33. “It makes my whole house have a different smell.” said Burleigh.

The water source runs through Krotz Springs about 2 miles past Melville and was officially turned on earlier this week.


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