Three dimensional seismic imaging of sinkhole begins

Monday, March 18, 2013 - 9:00pm

Texas Brine said Sunday that 3D seismic imaging of the area surrounding the Napoleonville salt dome sinkhole is underway.

According to a spokesperson, vibrseis trucks began the first phase of the seismic profiliing project Sunday morning on the roads of the Bayou Corne community. The send small soundwaves into the ground and record data about their reflection.

Those trucks will return for more tests Monday.

Tuesday, geologists will begin the biggest phase of the mapping project, which involves setting off small pentolite charges beneath the ground, as well as using an air gun to create vibrations within the sinkhole. Texas Brine plans to perform 2,500 tests, to be monitored by 2,000 geophonic recording devices over a few days.

The company said all of the tests will take place during the day, to minimize any potential disruption to the residents of the community. It also said its equipment can distinguish between the vibrations caused by its tests and naturally occurring seismic activity in the area. 


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