Trash troubles follow flooding in Maurepas

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 7:30pm

Garbage piles grow in Maurepas. The trash traveled into the area mixed in with flood waters. Residents braced themselves for a long clean up.

Cups,cans,coolers and more litter lawns and shorelines in Maurepas.

"There is definitely trash and debris everywhere," Brandi Delatte, Maurepas resident explained. "It's really gross actually."

Surrounding waterways in Livingston and Ascension Parishes drain in to Maurepas and tons of trash and mud travel with it.

"It's just run off from everywhere and we're caught in it," Ron Sanders, Maurepas resident, described. "It's just part of life.

He said the floodwater killed his grass and dumped mud all along his dock. Now he'll have to pressure wash the patio just to get it clean. "It'll make a muddy mess for a long time to come "

The troubles for Maurepas are not over. Fish kills usually follow flooding in the area.

"Oh yeah that's going to be horrible that's when it stinks out here. Dead fish floating everywhere it's really gross," Delatte cringed at the thought.

People there are still cleaning up after Hurricane Isaac damaged homes. Flooding in January only added to the area's trash trouble.

"It was just getting back to normal," Delatte said. "Guess it's just life and we have to deal with it."

Residents say the damage isn't as bad as what happened after Isaac, but the clean up could take almost as long.

Sanders described life in Maurepas as extremely pleasant; however, he says residents need to be prepared for the next big rain event just incase the water rises again.

"For old timers those who have been around a while it's just excepted. It's the way it is," Sanders said. "For people who are new to it it's kind of a shock."


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