TSA confiscates grenade-shaped perfume bottle from AZ woman

Monday, March 17, 2014 - 4:01pm

An Arizona woman says she's out an $83 bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume, all because of an airport security check.

She says TSA screeners confiscated her perfume because they thought it was shaped like a weapon.

“And it's my signature scent. I'm a woman,” said Lois Lewis.

Record promoter Louis Lewis was on her way to see clients the Eli Young Band in Denver.

And never dreamed she was in trouble.

A frequent flyer, she always travels with her perfume in a separate plastic bag

But this time, the TSA stopped her.

(Reporter): “At this point you have closed down a lane.”

(Lewis): “Lane six is completely closed at this point. Everyone is staring. There are seven TSA agents on my side. Took all of my information, made a copy of my ID, and then started talking about they were going to have to search my person. And that's when I started--I went from humorous to all right let's be real, it's perfume.”

She finally got on her flight to Denver where she purchased a new bottle.

“83 bucks,” Lewis said.

(Reporter): “Another 83 dollars.”

(Lewis): “There you go, yep, and worth it.”

(Reporter): “You do smell really good.”

(Lewis): “Thank you.”

Other perfumes like Viktor and Rolf's flower bomb have been pulled from airport duty free stores because their shape can replicate that of a grenade.

“They said if as a passenger you were to get on an airplane and you were to wave this around that people could maybe construe that as you making some sort of a threat,” Lewis explained.

On her way back she put her new bottle in her checked back.

“And when I did get to Phoenix Sky Harbor my bag had been gone through, my bag had been searched, which has never happened before,” Lewis said.

(Reporter): “Do you see any point to them saying that someone could wave this around and say it was a grenade?)

“I really don't. I know the TSA is there to protect us. I know that. I am a traveler. I travel a lot. Many many flights a year. I have a husband. I want to come home. I want to be safe, but I want to be logical.”

According to KTVK, the TSA says it stands by its decision and that it has a policy that no toy weapons or items that replicate weapons are allowed through security because they can be perceived as a threat.

The agency suggests the Jimmy Choo perfume be placed in checked luggage so there are no problems.


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