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University Law Enforcement come together to enhance security procedures

Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 9:00pm

If there's a time and a place to feel extremely safe, it’s this week at LSU. The 14 Southeastern Conference University Police Chiefs are all here in Baton Rouge until Friday.

Sixty law enforcement officers from 14 schools are picking each others brains for new information and tools they can take home with them.

The SEC Police Chief and Emergency Manager Conference is just another way to help improve security measures already in place. And one LSU student FOX44 spoke with says after a terrifying event on campus, she's pleased to hear they are working on how to handle things better in the future.

It's been about eight months since a bomb threat caused the LSU campus to evacuate, an emergency that was new to the school and most importantly those running it.

“I feel like everything was handled pretty professionally and quickly," says LSU student, Holly Hendrix.

But aside from the excessive traffic that day, most students, including Holly Hendrix say, they felt safe.

“We got the emergency text pretty quick and everyone was told to get off campus and they escorted off as many people as they could but you had traffic its a big campus its hard to get as many people off," noted Hendrix.

And even law enforcement personnel from other states are giving LSU a big thumb up for the way they handled things.

“You have two great examples of game day and that bomb threat where they came together and worked well if you don't work together will you would have seen some major issues," says University of Georgia Police Chief, Jimmy Williamson.

So by bringing together different schools with many of the same planned events, security can only improve from here on out. And students like Holly believe the SEC Police Chief and Emergency Manager Conference is a great way to prepare for the future.

“I think it’s a good idea for them to collaborate with different universities because they have different ideas and everyone has a different way of doing smarting and they might not have thought of something other universities might have put in place,” said Hendrix.

Chiefs from across the nation can now head back home and use what they've learned here in their everyday operations.

“The collaboration right here the way they interact you truly have a treasure right here with that," noted Williamson.

It's the third year for the conference, but it's the first year LSU has hosted it.


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