US Bowling Congress set for 2025 in Baton Rouge, will bring millions

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Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 4:28pm

The US Bowling Congress has made its way to the capital city twice already, most recently in 2012. Now for the third time, Baton Rouge is thrilled to have this opportunity.

Even though it's few years away, the event will make a huge impact on our local economy.

"We're excited and were proud were really anticipating some great activity in Baton Rouge," said Visit Baton Rouge’s Paul Arrigo

Some activity might be an understatement. The US Bowling Congress will bring an estimated 100,000 people to the capital city, which means dollar signs for local businesses.

"In 2012 the economic impact was 113 million dollars. In 2025 we have to assume it' as much as double," noted Arrigo.

Baton Rouge bowlers like Steve Cross, who actually have bowled in the open last year say this event benefits not only our restaurants and hotels, it helps people look at bowling in a different way.

“It’s a great thing for the economy because it gets people from out of town into local bowling centers," said bowler Steve Cross.

All Star Lane’s manager, Mike LaCroix says it’s not only the visitors that start picking up bowling balls during the Open.

"We see a lot more people come out bowling because it’s always in the news and stuff and that’s very encouraging," said LaCroix.

But why Baton Rouge?

"They feel welcomed by the community and the bowlers feel welcome by the community."

So now with open arms, Baton Rouge will embrace this economic boost heading toward the capital city

“The community opens up its arms really a great experience,” noted Arrigo. “It’s a win - win opportunity for Baton Rouge, the state of Louisiana and the US Bowling Congress."

The women's US Bowling Open will be held in Baton Rouge in 2017. That event is smaller than the men’s open but will also bring in a huge amount of people, in turn really boosting our economy as well.


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