Village Center construction begins at Rouzan

Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 1:00am

Officials with Rouzan recently announced that construction of the Village Center infrastructure has begun at its property located in the heart of Baton Rouge near Perkins and Glasgow. This construction includes the frontage of Perkins Road that will encompass the new Rouzan library.

“The Village Center will be the heart of Rouzan, the source of our social, commercial and cultural spirit, so we’ve been anxious to get this phase of the project underway and are excited to announce that we have broken ground,” Tommy Spinosa, Rouzan Developer, said.

Rouzan is comprised of several neighborhoods including Mimosa and Creekside. In addition to breaking ground on the infrastructure of Village Center, construction of homes in the newest phase is also underway.

Record & Associates is the official contractor of the Rouzan Village Center infrastructure development. 


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How can a crook like him still be allowed to develope even a ant hill in the state , when he has millions of dollars of law suits pending in the court system for not paying bill for the Pekins Row mess, he must know who to pay and how much it takes to still be allowed to be in business, hope they got their money up front..........

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