Voucher program funding found unconstitutional

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 7:41pm

The state supreme court ruled the way the state pays for it's voucher program is unconstitutional.

The court ruled the state cannot take money from the Minimum Foundation Program or "MFP" to use to pay for private school scholarships. The MFP is the pool of money used to fund public school education. The voucher program pulled money form the MFP to pay for children's tuition. The courts ruled the program itself is constitutional.

Now parents of students using those vouchers are left wondering what will happen to their children next school year.

"They don't understand that this is really helping these children and Why can't you understand that we are tax payers also. Why can't we use our money to send our child to a better program a better school," Crystal Landry, whose kids attend private school , explained.

Opponents say the voucher program takes money away from the already hurting public school system.

"Once we start messing with those formulas {MFP}, we are going to create a state wide problem and I don't think we can afford the debt," Mary Juneau, a parent who opposes the voucher program, described.

Juneau sees the courts decision as a step toward saving public education.

"The point is it has an underlying assumption that private education is better.Unless you are a person of faith that is pursuing a Catholic education or Christian education for the purpose of developing your child's spiritual life you really can't argue that our private schools are superior to our public schools," Juneau stated.

Others say students need the voucher program because it gives them better options for education.

"It's giving kids another opportunity at a better education, and sometime it may not be a better education but it's a different education," Landry said.

The state lawmakers would have to find a new way to pay for the voucher program to keep it running without using money marked for public education.


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