Wait is over in Port Allen, 2013-2014 budget adopted

Photo provided by staff.
Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 1:44am

Port Allen City Council members all voted 'yes' to finally adopt a 2013-2014 budget Wednesday night.

The new budget includes money for 6 new police cars, road improvements, and a roughly 2.35 percent cost of living pay raise for full time employees except for elected officials.

The new budget was long over due. City leaders were supposed to have a budget on the books before the end of June to take affect July 1. Since then the city had to operate on 50 percent of the 2012-2013 budget.

Now city leaders say the city can finally move forward.

"Relief that is the biggest sentiment is just relief," Hootie Riviere,Port Allen City Council member, said. "The employees never deserved any of this, and those are the ones that I felt for all through this process."

"It's a good feeling everybody worked together to get this done. It's something that will move the city forward, and after all we can start spending money now," Mayor Lynn Robertson, said.

Port Allen Chief Financial Officer Audrey McCain said having a budget in place is a big step for the city.

"It makes me feel confident that I can pay venders," McCain said. "Pay everybody that needs to be paid, and know that the city is not in any jeopardy of defaulting in any kind of way. Because, I have a budget a frame work to work with."

Now with the budget out of the way city leaders say they can focus on other issues, and move Port Allen forward.

"At this point we are just going to move on. We're going to address those needs that are predominant on everybody's minds," Gary Hubble, Port Allen City Council member, said. "We are going to move forward with those address them and act on them."


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