Waiting for more flooding in southern Livingston Parish

Friday, January 11, 2013 - 10:23pm

Southern parts of Livingston Parish suffered some of the worst flooding during Hurricane Isaac. And for people still trying to put their homes together nearly 5 months later, this week's storm is testing their patience.

James Delatte has a home right near the Amite River. By Friday night, a couple inches of water covered his front and back yards, as well as the bottom of his driveway.

"I can't sandbag it," he said. "I mean, it's no use for me trying to sandbag this place."

Even though the home is raised off the ground, it flooded during Isaac, and the reconstruction has not stopped since.

"We had two foot of water in it, and we're just finally getting the floors put down," Delatte said. "They're supposed to come back (Saturday) to finish it, but I guess we'll see (then) how this water gonna do."

Some Livingston Parish residents blame Ascension Parish for the flooding they saw the last couple days. They believe water pumped out of Ascension Parish is being sent directly their way. Delatte does not completely subscribe to that theory.

"Once your rivers are up, it takes the banks, water has nowhere else to go but spread and get into everybody's yards," he said. "And then, luckily, my house is up off the ground. So all I can do is hope and pray water don't get back in it."

He said his property floods almost once a year, so even though it is frustrating to constantly have to clean up, he is used to it, and tries not to let the situation get to him.

"My back yard looks like Lake Maurepas Jr. here, but what else you gonna do other than cut up and joke about it? I mean, because there's really nothing you can do."

The Amite River is expected to rise another two inches before it crests Saturday night. But then another 1-2 inches of rain are forecast for Sunday.


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