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Woman describes escape from burning home

Sunday, December 16, 2012 - 9:00pm

Dust and debris are all that remains of Sharon Nason's home in the 11,700 block of Pecan Grove Court.

"We've been here for 32 years, so there is a lot of memories here, but they're good memories," Sharon Nason cried.

Sharon and her husband David were inside their home when sharon noticed a bright light around eleven o'clock Saturday night.

"I saw this massive fire going up the wall and across the ceiling," Nason explained. "Grabbed some baby books and our wedding album came out here and just lost it."

The couple made it out alive, but emotionally drained.

"It's just pure panic. Pure let's get out of here you know," Nason felt.

The sounds of the fire are still fresh in Nason's mind.

"Oh just shhh just a woosh you know," She described. "After we got out here we could hear things burning."

St. George firefighters say Flames covered the roof and garage of the home. Firefighters arrived at 11:20 pm and were able to put out the flames after about one hour. Most of the Nason's precious photos and keepsakes were destroyed.

Nason was extremely emotional describing the loss of her families heirlooms: "I have to be thankful that we got out. The kids that's all they can say is you are here. We can replace that stuff."

The family returned to their home sunday morning searching for a symbol of hope.

"Oh I'm so thankful. We have our wedding rings. I'm so thankful," Nason was shocked.

Now the Nason's must wait for professional cleaners to salvage as much of their treasures as possible.

Nason said her family plans on rebuilding their home on Pecan Grove Court at some point in the future.

St. George Firefighters are still trying to find out what caused the fire. They say A neighboring home also received minor heat damage.


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