Woman with swampy backyard gets help after 4 years of fighting flooding

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 7:08pm

A Gonzales woman says she's been dealing with flooding in her yard for the past four years. She's fought with the water company to get her yard dried out.

"Disgusted I don't like to use my backyard anymore at all," Joyce Davis, homeowner with a flood problem, said. "I used to love it."

Joyce Davis' backyard never gets dry. The ground is so saturated with water davis can barely cross her lawn.

"I kept thinking people were going to help me you know. I really did, and i didn't know what to do. I was over whelmed by yard. It kept growing up and getting soggier and soggier," Davis described.

She tried calling Parish Water Company but couldn't get help.

Davis was distraught: "Naturally everybody thought i'm just a woman it was my fault, and I had trouble getting people to hear me."

She paid a plumber more than $2,000 to check all her pipes. He never found a leak.

Eventually Ascension Parish workers came out to check where the water was coming from. Turns out there were old leaky pipes buried in Davis backyard. The parish got the water company to work on the leak.

"They dug that trench back here, so I thought they were going to do something. But, they haven't done anything else to it at all," Davis explained.

The water continued to leak rotting her the foundation of her shed, and forcing Davis to dig through the ditch trying to drain it once a week. Still nothing got better.

"It's not my leak. There's nothing I can do about it and it's getting worse and worse," Davis exclaimed. "I'm not after nothing else then what has been destroyed by them not helping me, by not taking me seriously, by not sending anybody out to check it."

FOX44's Kris Cusanza called the water company for Davis on Tuesday. Parish Water Company dispatcher promised to put in a work order for Davis' property.

Soon after Davis received a surprise visitor: "Just a few minutes after you left three trucks and a little tiny back hoe came over.here."

"You accomplished in 30 minutes what I couldn't accomplish in four years, girl. Just your phone call sent them out here, " Davis stated.

Finally a chance for Davis to see some dry land.

"We talked about before cutting off this line re-routing stuff. We'll see. We'll see if anything is going to happen," Davis said.

Davis says she expects to see work begin in the next few days. So far however,
there's no date set for when crews will come out to finish fixing the leaks.


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