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Yelp! sends out urgent call for adult dog food

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 1:30pm

A non-profit group is in urgent need of assistance from the community.

A late shipment of dog food has left a non-profit group with an urgent need for assistance from the community.

Yelp! of Baton Rouge says it’s down to its last bag of large breed dog food. A large donation of 110 bags of food will be arriving in three weeks, but until then, they’re left high and dry.

“We’ll be fine in three weeks, but right now we’re down to the last bag of food,” a volunteer at the shelter, said. “We’ll have to do something by tomorrow.”

The Yelp! House has room for just under 60 dogs. Right now they’re near capacity, and feeding all those pups can get very expensive.

“Two large bags of adult dog food can cost up to $40. It would be a tough call to spend the little amount of money we have on that.”

They say they typically feed the dogs Purina brand.

The Yelp! House is located at 3205 Lanier Drive in Baton Rouge. For more information call (225) 485-9200 or click here.


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