LSU Board approves $4.3 million contract for Les Miles

Friday, February 1, 2013 - 6:16pm

The LSU Board of Supervisors has approved the contract extension of LSU head football coach Les Miles. He will now gain an annual salary of $4.3 million for the next seven years.

“Les Miles is one of the most successful coaches in America and he has the LSU program in position to compete for championships each and every year in the most dominant football conference in the country,” Alleva said. “He recruits at an elite level, his players graduate and he is a respected member of the community. We are proud he will lead the LSU football program for the long-term future.”

However, four faculty members discussed concerns at the meeting. Although all agreed that Miles should be compensated, they argued that the amount was excessive and could be better utilized.

"I'm in favor of rewarding such dedicated service to LSU as Les Miles has provided. But I wonder when the less visible and equally dedicated members of the faculty will get more than an invitation to an appreciation breakfast," Jean Witherow, professor in English department, said.

"If it sounds like I'm suggesting you deny the coach's raise, I'm not." I am suggesting that it is past time for you to face and to deal with a problem which is undermining this university," Mike Russo, Associate Librarian, said. "A 15 percent raise for the faculty would be a start."

Also discussed at the meeting is the latest rounds of state budget cuts to the LSU campuses.


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