Morgan looks to step it up a notch at Coney Island

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - 8:20pm

Whatever you do don't tell Adrian Morgan there's no strategy to professional eating.

“I use my left hand for the dogs. I dunk the bun with my right. You have to space it evenly to where you don't have too much hot dog in your mouth or have too much bun in your mouth,” Morgan said.

Just hours away from his second appearance on Nathans famous hotdog eating contest Morgan has it all planned out.

“For contest like this I will try and stretch out my stomach like two or three days before. I will eat a bunch of salad and oatmeal. Just something healthy that will stretch it out without too many calories.”

Speaking of calories, if Morgan tops last year's count by eating over 31 hotdogs, he'll consume over 13,000 calories in just ten minutes.

“I think a big part of it is mental. It is just being able to push yourself. I've had contest where you feel slow and you are not into it, so that definitely is an aspect,” said Morgan

In his first year on the Major League Eating circuit, the Woodlawn grad earned Rookie of the year honors. It was a feat he never thought was possible.

“Not at all, I can remember about five years ago watching it on ESPN and saying I can eat a lot, but not like that. It really is surreal to me that I am doing it now.”

Currently ranked 7th in the world, Morgan’s raised the bar in his second round at Coney Island. 

“If I eat 38…. no 36 or above I’ll be happy. I want to have a top finish to make a little money,” Morgan said.

The total purse of the event is $20,000 dollars. First place will take home $10,000 dollars, second place wins $5,000, third place nets $2,500, fourth place earns $1,500 and fifth place goes home with $1,000.


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